ISONIC 3505 – Portable Smart All-In-One Ultrasonic Flaw Detector and Recorder Settling a New Standard in the UT Instrumentation.

ISONIC 3505 carries the exceptionally innovative ultrasonic card with never-saturated-receiver – for the first time ever the instrument digitizes the originally received signals independently on the gain and rectification settings in every firing / receiving cycle keeping the linearity over 140 dB dynamic range. Once the single A-Scan or the sequence of A-Scans forming a record is stored into a file it may be reproduced off-line in the form desired by an operator (RF, half- or full wave rectified, FFT) at any gain level over the 140 dB range. So even in case of very significant deviation of the pre-inspection gain setting from the required value the observation and evaluation of the recorded data may be performed at the right levels without secondary scanning.

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The top level ultrasonic performance of ISONIC 3505 is achieved thanks to the above noted never-saturated-receiver and to the versatile firing circuit allowing forming of either Spike, Unipolar-, or Bipolar Square Wave initial pulse with wide-range-tuneable duration and amplitude (up to 400 Vpp). The high stability of the square wave initial pulse amplitude within entire duration of the positive and negative half-waves, the extremely short boosted rising and falling edges and the automatic adaptive damping allows optimizing of the ultrasonic wave penetration into various materials characterized either by high or low grain size, sound attenuation, and the like and improving of the signal to noise and the resolution

ISONIC 3505 may be operated as:

  • superior performance A-Scan set including the spectrum analyser for ultrasonic signals
  • fully featured (data capturing and enhanced post processing) standalone TOFD unit
  • CHIME system
  • general purpose CB-Scan machine for the performing of:
    • SRGW (short range guided wave) inspection and imaging also known as SRUT
    • surface / shear wave inspection and mapping

volume overlay incidence angle / skip corrected high resolution flaw detection B-Scan and Thickness Profile recorder

  • C-Scan machine – straight- and angle beam inspection (optional)

with 100% raw data storage

Thanks to the never-saturated-receiver ISONIC 3505 is featured with the ability of individual gain control for both independent gates over the range of 140 dB separately from the rest of the A-Scan reproduced at the global instrument gain. This opens a number of new abilities such as:

  • implementing pulse echo and back echo attenuation inspections simultaneously with use of the same A-Scan whilst monitoring the back echo amplitude at the clearly visible level without affecting the sensitivity of the pulse echo inspection
  • increasing the detectability of subsurface defects for TOFD inspection through shortening the tail of lateral wave signal dynamically
  • precise materials characterization through the signal spectrum analysis independent on the instrument gain setting
  • etc

ISONIC 3505 is fully controllable over Ethernet and featured with the hardware triggering in/out terminalsand the interface echo triggering making it suitable for use in various integrated systems
The lifetime free software upgrade policy is provided for ISONIC 3505 as for all other instruments from Sonotron NDT
ISONIC 3505 is packed into the IP 65 reinforced plastic case with no intake air or any other cooling means required. The large 800X600 pixels 8.5” bright screen provides fine resolution and visibility for all types of inspection data presentation at strong ambient light along with the optimized power consumption rate for the outdoor operation

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