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Advanced Ultrasonic B.V.  represent Sonotron NDT. Sonotron NDT specializes in the development and manufacturing of unique intelligent ultrasonic equipment and technology. View our available products.

Equipment Sales ISONIC 3505

Isonic 3505

ISONIC 3505 – Portable Smart All-In-One Ultrasonic Flaw Detector and Recorder Settling a New Standard in the UT Instrumentation.

ISONIC 3505 carries the exceptionally innovative ultrasonic card with never-saturated-receiver – for the first time ever the instrument digitizes the originally received signals independently on the gain and rectification settings in every firing / receiving cycle keeping the linearity over 140 dB dynamic range.

Equipment Sales ISONIC 3510

Isonic 3510

Very Powerful Superior Performance Extremely Portable Smart Phased Array Ultrasonic Flaw Detector and Recorder with 2 Conventional UT and TOFD Channels.

ISONIC 3510 uniquely combines phased array (PA), single- and multi-channel conventional UT, and TOFD modalities providing 100% raw data recording and imaging. Along with the intuitive user interface, portability, lightweight, and battery operation this makes it suitable for all kinds of every-day ultrasonic inspections.

Equipment Sales Application store

PA UT: Applications Store

Thanks to their unique smart, flexible, and “teachable” architecture combined with the outstanding ultrasonic performance ISONIC 3510, ISONIC 2010, and ISONIC 2009 UPA Scope have been the ideal platforms for practically unlimited number of standard and customized inspection software applications, the number of which is increasing permanently.

VAUT: Video Aided Ultrasonic Testing

With the new VAUT (Video Aided UT) technology from Sonotron NDT, the UT operator may observe the live image of the ultrasonic probe either conventional or PA manipulated over the calibration block or the real test piece along with the corresponding UT data, for example the A-Scan, Sectorial scan, and the like, on the same instrument screen. For the first time ever this allows 100% – dedicated operator’s attention to the instrument screen whilst optimizing the ultrasonic signal and / or image and the probe position on the test piece synchronously.

Equipment Sales Isonic PA AUT


Super Powerful Platform / Core Element for Integration of Automatic Ultrasonic Inspection (AUT) Systems, Combining Phased Array (PA), Conventional, and TOFD Modalities.

Equipment Sales ISONIC utPod


The Swiss Army knife of UT. Personal 400 g pack of advanced technology comprising: Top Performance Flaw Detector, All-Functional A-Scan Thickness / Corrosion Gauge, Simplest Thickness / Corrosion Gauge, Through-Paint / -Coating Thickness Measurement with Use of Regular Probes, Far Side Wall Thickness Measurement in Tubes with Use of Regular Probes, Supervisor Lock / Unlock Settings Function, Comprehensive Data Logger: 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D data storage formats and Fully USB Controllable

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